Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holy, Holy, Holy

One of my favorite hymns in my favorite hymnal has always been “Holy, Holy, Holy,” with lyrics by Reginald Heber and a tune, Nicaea, by John Dykes.

The website,, is profiling the hymn as part of its ongoing series on important hymns. The lyrics, MP3 (or Real) audio version, and the history of the hymn are provided in each profile.

The website is from the Center for Church Music, which promotes hymn education through a radio program and a kid’s summer camp to teach hymns. It‘s based in Grand Rapids, and the camp sounds like a great opportunity for kids (or grandkids) to learn about the hymns of the faith. Even though it’s a Reformed parish (adhering to the Heidelberg Confession and Belgic Confession), its interest in promoting hymnody seems consistent with a wide range of Protestant hymn-lovers.

Since I first saw it mentioned in a Catholic hymn site, perhaps I should say a wide range of Christian hymn-lovers.

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