Monday, March 23, 2009

Bay Area Anglicans: Unite!

David Virtue of Virtue Online has written up his interview with Fr. Ed McNeill, rector of the Bay Area’s new St. James Anglican. Regular Anglican Music readers already read about it here first. From what I heard, the parishioners thought that my March 8th posting captured the essence of their transition from ECUSA to the planned ACNA.

The new article also mentions, a website that St. James has created in hopes of rallying Continuing Anglicans in the Bay Area. Today it lists four parishes in the region, but Fr. McNeill is seeking other congregants and congregations to join the effort to reconnect the community lost as Episcopalians fled the church since the heresies begun by San Francisco’s own Bishop Pike.


palaeologos said...

Which Continuing Anglicans are those? The ones who are already happily ensconced at St Peter's in Oakland, St Joseph of Arimathea in Berkeley, St Martin of Tours in Concord, and St Francis of Assisi in Danville?

9.West said...

Certainly the APCK parishes you mention are good examples of Schism I parishes, while (by definition) the ACNA parishes are Schism II parishes.

A common theme of this blog is the division between Schism I and Schism II fragments Anglican worship in this country and efforts to preserve the faith — despite many points in common. See for example my July 19 posting.