Wednesday, July 15, 2009

California court cases still alive

A.S. Haley of the Anglican Curmudgeon has been doing the best job of following the property fights involving former ECUSA/TEC parishes, using his legal knowledge to explain in plain, logical English what each ruling means. He has special pages on the Diocese of San Joaquin and the Los Angeles parishes (although not the San Diego ones); as best I can tell, the only 21st century Bay Area defectors walked away from their property.

Today he notes a key development in the St. James (Newport Beach) case that shows that the case is very much alive, despite a January California Supreme Court ruling that brought inaccurate press coverage and bloggers who jumped to conclusions. St. James is the key case, setting precedent for at least seven parishes. In February, the California court corrected their misleading ruling, giving hope to some of the impacted parishes.

The July 13 trial court ruling keeps St. James very much alive it, and with it the hopes of a few thousand Continuing Anglicans (plus a few more that might consider leaving if the price were not so high.)

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