Friday, May 29, 2015

Pentecost-al hymnody

After Sunday's service, I wanted to blog about Pentecost hymnody and then realized I wrote a detailed discussion three years ago. So instead, I tried to make a list of important Pentecost (née Whitsunday) hymns.

I looked through three hymnals - The English Hymnal (1906), Hymnal 1940, and Hymnal 1982. Below is the list of all hymns where the text (if even not the tune) is found in at least two of the three hymnals. (In some cases, TEH used different tune names for the same tune so I compared the actual tune music to make sure).

Only three hymns made all three lists: “Come down, O Love divine,” “Glorious things of thee are spoken,” and of course our household favorite, “Hail Thee Festival Day.”

While I have my personal favorites for hymns, clearly these three stand out for their endorsement by three hymnal committees 75 years apart.

Breathe on me, Breath of GodSwabiaH40: 375.1
Breathe on me, Breath of GodNova VitaH40: 375.2, H82: 508
Come down, O Love divineDown AmpneyTEH: 152, H40: 376, H82: 516
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly DoveGood Shepherd, RosemontH40: 378.1
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly DoveMendonH40: 378.2, H82: 512
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireVeni CreatorTEH: 153
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireVeni CreatorH40: 217.1, H82: 504
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireCome Holy GhostH40: 217.2, H82: 503
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveSt. AgnesH40: 369, H82: 510
Come, thou Holy Spirit, comeThe Golden SequenceH40: 109.1
Come, thou Holy Spirit, comeVeni Sancte SpiritusH40: 109.2, H82: 226
Creator Spirit, by whose aidAtwoodTEH: 156, H40: 371
Creator Spirit, by whose aidSurreyH82: 500
Glorious things of thee are spokenAustriaTEH: 393, H40: 385, H82: 522
Glorious things of thee are spokenAbbot's LeighH82: 523
Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostCapetownTEH: 396, H40: 379
Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostTroenH82: 612
Hail thee, festival daySalve Festa DiesTEH: 630, H40: 107, H82: 225
O blest Redeemer, ere he breathedSt. CuthbertTEH: 157, H40: 368
O come, Creator Spirit, comeVeni CreatorTEH: 154.1, H40: 108.1
O come, Creator Spirit, comeGrace ChurchH40: 108.2
O King enhroned on highTempleTEH: 454, H40: 374
O Spirit of the living GodMelcombeH40: 256, H82: 531
Spirit divine, attend our prayersGraefenbergH40: 370, H82: 509
Spirit of mercy, truth and loveMelcombeTEH: 631, H40: 111
Spirit of mercy, truth and loveCornishH82: 229

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